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How To Increase Laptop Battery Life?

We All know that,Computer have become smaller and smaller and most of individuals use laptops and tablets as an alternate of desktops due to their portability and fewer stress of maintaining wires and devices. Laptops are compact and simple to use and all input/output devices are connected to it. Laptops have all and few additional features as compare to desktop like built-in WiFi support, Bluetooth, Webcam, Speakers, microphone support, less fear of eventually shut down. Laptops only suffer from their battery life. Laptops battery become down if we tend to use it without precautions, maintenance and without info regarding how to save and increase laptop computer battery life. Some folks may suffer from battery life then only alternative left for them is by replacing the battery. however by implementing few settings and by following alternative vital guidelines laptop computer can perform better. If you've got a laptop computer and you're suffering from poor battery life then you do not worry regarding it because in this article we are progressing to justify some tips which help you to extend your laptop computer battery life and protect it from replacement issue. thus here are some few best tips on a way to increase portable computer battery life.
How To Increase portable computer Battery Life. ?

#1. Disable Unused Devices And Port.

Simple way to increase the laptop computer battery life is to disable the devices that aren't used currently as an example remove the external USB mouse, external drives etc. you furthermore may have to lookout of WiFi and Bluetooth and shut down WiFi and Bluetooth once using it. To disable unused devices in Windows you have to open control panel and look for device manager. In device manager, devices are classified by category.

Note:- You have to take care of these parts without that your laptop computer don't work like your hard drive. Keep in mind before disabling devices ensure it's not basic needed hardware for laptop computer operating.

#2. Turn off Apps and Processes.

Second way to increase laptop computer battery life is to turn off the extra processes and apps because few apps take the processor time for processing and increase load on processor that used laptop computer battery too. Some processes begin once the window begin and stay minimize in background and consume your battery. to shut these processes press Ctrl+Alt+Del to open task manager and shut the processes you would like.

#3.Turn On Your Battery Saver Mode.

Another issue to keep in mind to boost your laptop computer battery life is to turn on your laptop computer power saving mode. This power saving mode can automatic modify your peripheral in low power mode and permit them to use low power. this can improve your battery life to some extent.

#4. modify You laptop computer Settings.

You can modify your laptop computer settings while using mouse and keyboard of your laptop computer. Keyboard back light additionally consume power of your laptop computer thus until you're not in dark you wish to not activate your keyboard back light. you can additionally produce a hot key for keyboard back light. you can additionally modify your laptop computer screen brightness according to your demand. At day time you can decrease your brightness to save lots of and increase portable computer battery life.

#5. Reduce Multitasking.

Multitasking means running over one Apps at an equivalent time. once your laptop computer is absolutely charged we don't have to be compelled to reduce multitasking. once we run over one or 2 Apps at an equivalent time, processor take additional load to process them and additionally consume additional power. If you open some image process tool then don't forget to shut them when using because these tools take additional process to run and additionally consume additional power. thus reduce multitasking if we don’t want it.

#6. Prefer Hibernate rather than Standby.

Some folks place there laptop computer on stand by mode although they need another work to try to to. Standby mode save some battery and additionally increase laptop computer battery life. Standby mode don't utterly reduce your power consumption. thus you have to like Hibernate function instead of Standby mode. Hibernate function merely save your system state and completely shut off of your system.

#7. Increase Your System RAM.

RAM is another issue that affects laptop computer battery life. If your system have less RAM then applications that desires additional RAM can got to use virtual storage. For using virtual storage system got to access the hard drive anytime, This operation will increase the power consumption. If our system have enough quantity of then we tend to reduce the utilization of virtual storage and increase laptop computer battery life.

#8. Keep Your Laptop’s Battery Contacts Clean.

You should got to clean your laptop computer battery contacts clean after every two to three months. cleaning your battery contacts permit very well battery charging and good transfer of power to laptop computer and increase your battery life. you must use alcohol, white fuel to scrub the battery contacts.

#9. Prevent Your Battery From overcharging.

This is another issue that have an effect on laptop computer battery life. you must not forget to get rid of charger when full charging. Overcharging can harm your battery and alternative system parts. thus keep from overcharging.

These are few wonderful tips to extend laptop computer battery life. we hope that it'll extend battery life and create device additional healthy.if this tutorial assist you then don’t forget to share this along with your friends.

How To Use Whatsapp Without Mobile Number

Hello Guys,Welcome back after long time and Today I will tell you to use WhatsApp without the help of Mobile Number.WhatsApp is a very popular messenger app these days. By using WhatsApp we can keep in touch with our friends and relatives. We can also make different groups in WhatsApp to share different things among your contactse. Using WhatsApp you can also share images, audio, video etc with your friends. WhatsApp is commonly used app by all age groups. Well it's really easy to use WhatsApp on smartphone. Because its really easy to use WhatsApp and to understand its features. But we should be aware of some important features and settings about this application.
As we use WhatsApp on our smartphone. No doubt smartphone is personal device but our friends and family can easily access it. Sometimes by mistake they may format smartphone data. In that situation our whatsapp data will also be erased.

Method To Use WhatsApp Without Mobile Number

Step 1. Firstly you have to download  the official WhatsApp messenger app in your Android device and then install and launch it.
Step 2. If you are the old WhatsApp user then you have to delete your WhatsApp account and download and then install WhatsApp again.
Step 3. Next step is to enter your name and then verify your mobile number. But you do not have to enter your mobile number now.
Step 4. Then we have to verify your mobile number with another way. Download Text+ App in your mobile to verify your mobile number.

Step 5. After launching the Text + App you have to go to the settings and then select contacts.
Step 6. You will get a number for your personal use in the app. Copy that number or write it .
Step 7. Now open your WhatsApp messenger and paste the number that you get from the text + App.
Step 8. Click on continue button now after then you will get a verification code in Text+ app.
Step 9. Get this code and verify your account. Now your WhatsApp account is ready without any phone number.

Alternatively you can also use your landline number and request for a call to verify it.

I hope you liked this tutorial and learned how to use WhatsApp without mobile number. In case you face any problem regarding this topic please let us know in below comments.Don’t Forget to share this post with your friends.
Thanks In Advance!!!

How To Remove Shortcut Virus From USB drives?

Hello guys today i will be teaching you how to remove the shortcut virus from your PC or USB drive. We use computer in our day to day life for the various purposes like education, entertainment, online shopping and our various tasks.By the help of internet we share data with other peoples. Internet is a huge source of  information which also consists of virus and other malicious activities. So, we need to protect our computer with the help of powerful antivirus like Kasper sky, AVG, NOD 32,etc. One of the most common virus we all have faced is the shortcut virus. We store our valuable data on our computer. We also share the data with our friends, relative and in our office for various tasks using USB drives and SD cards etc. But sometime when we share the data with others using our external storage device, during this our device may be infected by shortcut virus which make our data unreadable or corrupted. Even sometimes we will not be able to format drives. So, in this case we need to implement the best possible way to format drives. In order to get our valuable data back we have to safely remove the shortcut virus from our USB drives. Here are the best possible techniques to remove shortcut virus from our dives and protect the data and device.

How To Remove Shortcut Virus From USB Drives??

Method 1. By using the Command Prompt in PC.

  1. First of all you should plug your infected USB drive into the PC.
  2. Then click on the start menu and open the Run and then type cmd and hit enter.

  3. Now you should copy the command given below and paste it into the Command Prompt and hit enter.
Replace the letter above given I in the command with the drive letter of your USB drive.
Attrib represents the attributes of drive.
-H shows the all hidden files in our USB drive.
-R recreates the files on our storage device.
-S  shows the broken link of files from system.
After getting your data back it is recommended that you should backup your data and after formatting paste your data again back to your USB drive.

Method 2:- By using  the USB Disk Security.

USB Disk Security is the most powerful Utility program which will easily protect your USB drive from the malicious activities and many types of virus like Trojan horse, shortcut virus etc. You can also protect your drive with the password using this tool so other people cannot access it. It is a light weight software with easy to use interface.
  1. Download and install the USB disk security from the developers website
  2. Now you should plugin your infected USB drive. It is a smart USB protector which will automatically detect and delete the shortcut virus from your USB drive.

Method 3:- By Using the USB Fix.

USB Fix is also a light weight utility program which can be used to remove the shortcut virus from your USB drive and then fix the USB drive problems. It also has a simple interface and it is easy to use which is compatible with all version of Windows.
1.First of all download it and install on your Computer.

2. You have to save all your work and close all the running tasks before running it because it will automatically close all the opened software before scanning the Computer.
3. Then plugin the USB drive and click on the clean button.
4. It will clean all the connected USB drive and remove all the shortcut viruses automatically. Take a restart after using this tool.
These are also other best possible ways to remove the shortcut virus from USB Storage devices. In case you know any other best method which is missing please let us know.Please share this tricks with your friends and help them to remove the shortcut virus from their computer.

Top 10+ Best Alternatives To IDM (Internet Download Manager)

Hey guys welcome back and today i will share you with some best alternatives to IDM (Internet Download Manager).IDM is one of the best downloading software available. It provides the fastest downloading speed with various amazing features. It will automatically manage your downloads during the connection loss also. So you shouldnot worry even if the connection goes out, you can resume it anytime when the internet connection is available. The resume will start from where it is stopped. You can also grab downloadable files from web pages automatically etc. But IDM is a paid software so we have to pay for using it after 30 days of free trail. There are various cracks available in the internet but it is illegal to use. For every device we have to purchase separate license.  So in order to reduce our software expenses we need the  best IDM alternative software’s for downloading our files from the internet.There are various download software that can be the alternative to IDM which provides good downloading speed with advanced functionality.  Here I am going to list out best alternatives to IDM which are most popular and widely use.

Best Alternatives To IDM

1. Download Accelerator Plus

It is one of the best alternative to IDM which is very light weight and easy to use with various functionality. It has all the features as of IDM. It will accelerate your download with its own algorithm and techniques. We can integrate it into our browser also. It is compatible with Windows and Mac. We can also simultaneously play our video while downloading it from the internet. It also provides play/pause feature, speed notification etc.

2. EagleGet

EagleGet is another best alternative to IDM which have similar features. It is also free to download with its awesome features. We can easily integrate it in our browsers. So that we can download everything with the help of EagelGet Downloader. We can pause and play our download easily whenever required. It also provide its speed notification box.

3. JDownloader

JDownloader is also another best alternative to IDM. It is also an open source software which is free to download and use. It is compatible with Windows, Linux and Mac.  It is made in java so it is more secure withe different functionality. We can easily pause and play our downloads whenever we require. We can manage our download and can also schedule it easily. It doesn't start all the download simultaneously like that of IDM.

4. FreeRapid Downloader

It is also another java based IDM alternative which is available for free to download and use. It also provide all the features of IDM without any cost. It is very easy to use with its attractive interface. We can download files from any website with the help of its browser integration. It provides download speed notification also. We can also schedule our download and can download directly from the URL too.

5. Internet Download Accelerator

It is also another best download manager which is getting popular day by day and is one of the alternative to IDM. It is free to download and use. It provides all the features as provided by IDM. It also refreshes the download link so that we can resume the expired download link. It also splits our download for twice download speed like IDM. It is one of the best option for Windows user.

6. Mipony Download

Mipony Downloader is one of the best option for downloading large files quickly. It is free to download and use. It optimizes our internet connection to provide fast download speed. It provides fully automatic and easy download with the help of browser integration. It also provides download pause and play feature, more speed, schedule download etc. It also provides remote control from other network computer.

7. FlashGet Downloader

It is another best option for the Windows users as an alternative to IDM. We can easily call our install antivirus from this Downloader after downloading the file for scanning the downloaded files. It provides more speed with connection optimization. It also provides download play and pause features with schedule download management. It provides easy integration with browsers. It also has attractive and easy to use interface.

8. Orbit Downloader

Orbit Downloader is another best alternative to IDM. It is also totally free to download and easy to use. It is compatible with Windows version of OS. It provides download pause/play features, proxy server configuration. We can also download our file by directly pasting the URL of the file. We can manage our downloads easily. After any interruption we can resume our download from the same position. You can try it and view it features.

9. Gozilla Downloader

Gozilla Downloader is another good choice as a download manager to download large files and it also acts as an alternative to IDM. We can easily manage our download with pause/play feature available on the software. It also provides connection speed notification. It gets a file from many server available to provide more download speed. We can easily resume our files from same location if we lost the internet during download.

10. GetRight Download Manager

It is easy to use and one of the best free alternative to IDM. It is a very light weight software. With the help of this download manager we can easily download, play/pause, resume our download easily. It accelerates our download by splitting the file into many parts and then download it in segments

These are some of the best alternatives for Internet Download Manager, if i have missed any other download manager please don't forget to write about it in the comment box below i will update it.Please Share this post with your friends.Thanks.

How to Protect USB drives with Password??

Hello Guys Today I will be teaching you How To Protect USB drive with Password. Computers have become a part of our personal and professional life. We use it for entertainment as well as for many other purposes. We are now dependent on computers for many different tasks like using internet, playing games, for entertainment, working and many more.Usually we store some important data in our computers of different type. Due to huge amount of data Storage, we need to take backup or we have to transfer to the external drives. So, USB devices are used to exchange the data from computers. USB drives are also called pen drive or flash drives. These drives are very small in size and it also offers a large data storage capacity. USB drives are plug and play drives and also has more life than those of CD’s and DVDs  and it also provide re-writable features. Sometimes we need to keep our information secret and protect them from misuse by others and remain safe. In this article i am going to explain those methods ou can by which y protect  your USB drives with password.

How To Protect USB drives With Password??

Method 1:- By Bitlock Encryption.

It is the manual method provided by the Windows OS to protect our USB drives. Each time when you insert the drive to the computer you have to enter the bit lock to open the drive and access the files.

Steps To Protect USB drive Using Bitlock.

Step 1. Insert your USB drive into the Computer.
Step 2. Now right click the USB drive you want to Encrypt for.
Step 3. Then select Turn On Bitlock from Menu.

Step 4. Tick the check box in front of  “use a password to unlock the drive”.
Step 5. Then click on next button after entering a password.

Step 6: Next wizard will appear for saving and printing Recovery key in case you forgot your password.
Step 7: Click on the next button and then drive encryption will start.
Step 8: After the encryption of your device is completed click on close button.

Method 2:- Wondershare USB Drive Encryption.

It is a software used for encrypting the USB drives by allowing the user to use a password to encrypt and decrypt the USB drives. This software allows you to make a secure area in your drive and it can also protect the whole drive.

Steps To Encrypt USB drive Using Wonder share.

Step 1. Download and install the Wonder share USB Encryption software.

Step 2. Double click on its icon to Run the Program.

Step 3. Insert the USB device into your computer.

Step 4. Select your USB drive from the list to encrypt.

Step 5. Select the Amount of volume you want to encrypt for.

Step 6. Click  on  the install button.

Step 7. Enter a username and password for Encryption.

These are some of the easiest and best method to protect your USB drives with the password. If you have any other best method to protect USB drives with the password then please write down in below given comments  section.

How To Create Wifi Hotspot In Windows Laptop Or PC

Hello Guys Today I be teaching you to create WiFi hotspot in Windows Laptop or PC.Internet is the fastest growing technology which provides the every information in all over the world, you just have to connect to the internet and search it and you can find  information  related to any topic. If you have a WiFi enabled smart phones, tablet or an iPad then you will be able to connect to available WiFi network in the public place, office or in the college areas, but in the home people mostly have only single connection (wired internet connections) or they wont have any WiFi router. But you shouldn't have to worry now, you can connect your devices to the internet without the help of a WiFi router. You just have to just create a WiFi hotspot connection in your PC or Laptop.  It is not a very difficult task. You can easily create WiFi hotspot in your Windows PC or Laptop by just following some small steps which we will be discussing below. Here we will be explaining two methods  to create WiFi hotspot in Windows PC or Laptop. With the help of them you can easily use internet on your Laptop and other devices.

Method 1:- How To Create WiFi Hotspot With Software.

In this method you have to download a software for the first time and then after installing the software you can createyour WiFi Hotspot by providing username and password to the software. Simply just create username and password according to your choice. Then you should click on the start or activate button it will automatically create WiFi Hotspot to you, next whenever any user wants to access your WiFi hotspot they have to put password which is provided by you then they will be able to access your WiFi hotspot network. So its just a simple method and you can easily create a WiFi hotspot on your Windows 7/8/8.1/10 PC or Laptop and you do not have to use any WiFi router also. So here are some of the mostly used software for creating WiFi hotspost.

#1 mhotspot.

It is a free and easy software to create WiFi Hotspot within the WiFi enabled Windows 7/8/8.1/10 PC or Laptop. This software will convert your PC or Laptop into a virtual WiFi router which can connect upto 10 devices. You will also be able to share any type of internet connection including 3G/4G, LAN and Ethernet with secured connection..

It is easy to use with security features such as WPS, WPA2, WEP and it also shows the number of devices connected to the hotspot and the data sent and received and other log data too.

#2 My WiFi Router.

It is an another free software which will help you to converts your Windows 7 & 8 PC/Laptop into WiFi hotspots. You can also share the internet easily with My WiFi router software anywhere and at anytime. Just download it by searching in google and install the software and then enter a your username and password according to your choice and then click on activate button.

It is very easy to use and create a secure WiFi hotspot with My WiFi router and share internet with any kind of internet connection (3G/4G, Ethernet & LAN). You can see the devices connected and manage them (limit internet speed, block list). You can also extend your WiFi range.

Note:- Those who have desktop PC they have to first buy  external Network Adapter or Bluetooth device  and then they will be able to create WiFi hotspot otherwise they will not be able to create it.

Method 2:- How To Create WiFi Hotspot With CMD.

In this method I will explain you  to create a WiFi hotspot in windows 7/8/8.1/10 PC or Laptop through command prompt. There are some of the steps to follow which has been given below:-

Step 1:- Enable the Microsoft Virtual WiFi Mini-port Adapter.

  • First open “RUN” dialogue box using (“Window Key”+”R”).
  • After then in the Run dialogue box type “cmd”. It will open your command prompt.
  • Once the command prompt opens type in the below given command.
  • SSID is your username that will be shown on the connection.
  • Key is the password of your WiFi Hotspot connection.
  • You can also create SSID and Key accroding to your choice.

Step 2:- Starting WiFi Hotspot Connection.

  • After creating the Hosted Network next you have to start it.
  • For starting the WiFi hotspot connection, type the given below command in command prompt.

Step 3:- Configuring Microsoft Virtual WiFi Miniport Adapter.

  • Go to the Network and Sharing center where you can see the network you created
  • Next on the right side and you will see change adapter setting click on it.
  • Then click on the Ethernet >> Properties.
  • It will show you a new dialogue box. Click on the Sharing >> Tick on allow network user.
  • Select Local Area Connection*12 which we created.
  • And then click on ok.

Some Other Commands.

  • If you want to stop network connection then you can simply open your command prompt under administrator privileges and then the type below given command.
  • Or if you want to change the passoword of your network then type the below given command in the command prompt.
Now you can simply create a WiFi hotspot in windows laptop or pc and use it. You can enjoy your private network and any member of your home can use it by entering the password. If you face any problem regarding the above methods then feel free to ask ! Thank You!!!

How To Download Youtube Videos In PC/Android/IOS Devices 2016

Hello Guys today i will be showing you how to download videos from YouTube. Many people want to know how to save some music or videos in their phones/computer so that they can watch it later, this post is for them who haven't found any solutions to download YouTube videos.I am Going To some methods to download YouTube  Videos.You can choose any one of the method and download videos from YouTube easily:-

How To Download YouTube Videos In PC/Computer.

In First Part I will explain how to download YouTube videos in your Computer. You should just follow the steps given below:

Method 1:By changing the YouTube URL.

Yes,you will be able to download YouTube videos just by changing adding some letters in your current YouTube URL.
Step 1: Go To the YouTube website and open the video you want to download.
Step 2: After then add ss before youtube.com and your URL looks like ssyoutube.com.
Step 3: Choose the Video quality and enjoy downloading video.

Method 2:By Using Software.

Yes there are many software to download videos from YouTube. It will easily download the YouTube videos and you can also convert it to any format such as iPad video,iPhone video,etc. and it
Step 1: Download YTD from the Official Website.
Step 2: Install and open it.

Step 3: There you can see the field for entering the link of the YouTube video.
Step 4:  Copy the video link and paste there.
Step 5: Choose the quality of the video and storage place.
Step 6: You will see the download button below it. Click on it to download the video.

How To Download YouTube Videos In Android?

In Second Part I am Going To Explain How to Download YouTube Videos In Your Android.Just Follow My Steps:

Download YouTube Videos to Your Android Device


In order to install the application that is not available on the Google Play Store, you must first configure your device to download third-party applications.
Go to the Settings on your device > and then Security.
Next, go to the Device Management and check the box next to Unknown sources.

Download and Install TubeMate

1. Download TubeMate to your Android devices.
2. Once the file is downloaded, open the notifications panel. 
3. Next, Click on the tubemate.apk file which has been just downloaded. Tap on the install to begin the TubeMate installation on your device.
4. Once the tubemate has been installed, Click open to run the application. 

Download Videos from YouTube

The TubeMate interface is similar to that of YouTube, but it allows you to download the videos easily. To do this, click on the search bar located in the top right corner, and find the videos you would like to download.
The video will be opened. To download the video, click the green arrow which is located at the bottom right of the playback window. Choose the type of video format  you want and then wait for the download to complete.

View Your Downloaded YouTube Videos

To view the downloaded videos, go to Settings > Storage > Photos /Videos or to the place you have allocated.

How To Download YouTube Videos In IOS?

In this final part I am going to explain you how to download the YouTube videos in your IOS devices. You should follow the simple steps given below:-
Step 1: Go to the App store and then download/ install  a youtube video downloader app called (Video Downloader Lite Super).
Step 2: Launch it on your device.
Step 3: Tap on the Browser option which is at the beneath of the app. From there you will be able to find Video from Google search, YouTube and other Video sites.
Step 4: When you will play it on your device, the save icon will appear at the bottom of screen.
Step 5: Next, You can see two different options, download and copy link.
Step 6: To start downloading right now, tap on the download option.
Step 7: Once you select “Download”. Download status can be seen under Download tab.

To Stop download or remove the download, Tap on clear at top.

Hope this Tutorial will help you to download YouTube videos in your PC/Android/IOS Devices. If you Guys face any problems related to this tutorials you can just drop your comment below  And keep Visiting this site:

How To Increase Pendrive Speed (Data Transfer)?

Hey Guys today I will be showing you How to increase pendrive data transfer speed. Now a days computers are used in every field to reduce the human workload and increase the work speed. Computers can store very large amount of data and we can easily access the stored data whenever we want. Computers are used in various sectors such as Banking, Business, Education, Marketing, Entertainment, etc. But for the purpose of data transfer  between two devices we use devices like CD’s, DVDs, but now we use devices like pendrive, micro sd as a good and re-useable alternative of those devices. Pendrive is a portable device which offers the storage of large amount of data. Generally pendrive offers 1.5 MB to 12 MB per second speed according to the data. In some situations due to the problems in operating system error or due to the some virus programs our pendrive data transfer speed gets limited.
Sometime we may feel that pendrive performance is getting slower and slower. So, today I will discuss some factors which will help to solve out this issues. We will try to fix out the issue which will help to increase the pendrive data transfer speed.

How To Increase Pendrive Speed ?

Here we are going to discuss about various factors which are responsible for reducing the pendrive speed.
  • Change the file system of your pendrive into NTFS.
  • Change the device policy.
  • Check the OS and hardware performance.
  • Check the file types and
  • Some others factors.

1. Steps to be followed for changing the File System of Pendrive.

  • Plug in your pendrive into the Computer or Laptop.
  • After then right click on your pen drive. A pop up menu will be shown there.
  • Now select the format option from the pop up menu.
  • Now select the NTFS file system and uncheck the quick format option.
  • Finally click on  the start button.

Now your file system of the drive has been changed you will have much greater data transfer speed.
Note:- Before formatting your pendrive be sure to take the backup of your data

2. Steps for changing the Device Policy.

  • Plug in your pendrive and right click on your drive.
  • Now select the properties option from the popup menu.
  • Go to select the hardware tab from the next wizard.
  • Now a list of drives will be shown in hardware tab.
  • Select your drive and then click on the properties button.
  • Next wizard is shown to you select the general tab and click on the change setting button.
  • Then select the policies tab from the next wizard.
  • Finally select the better performance radio button.
  • And it's done.

3. Check out the Performance of PC.

Sometime the data transfer also depends on the performance of operating system .
  • Upgrade your USB port driver version to 2.0 or 3.0 for the higher speed.
  • Simultaneous write operation should be reduced to the same drive.
  • Try to format the USB drive at least one time a month.
Check the drive for bad sector errors
  • Right click on the drive >> Now select the properties >> After the select the tools tab >> Click on check now button.
  • The tools will then automatically scan and recover the bad sector errors.
I hope these few tips will help to increase your pendrive speed . These are some of the optimum ways to fix the software and some other bad errors for better performance. If you like this article don’t forget to share it with others.

How To Increase Facebook Page Likes

Hello Guys today i'll provide you with Some Tips to increase Facebook Likes.Facebook Pages are taking part in an excellent role in Social media improvement and are useful for the expansion of online or perhaps offline business. Facebook is biggest social media platform that’s why every body on Facebook be a part of some groups, event and likes pages to update information, fun and for a few different interests. Facebook having millions of pages within which a number of are fans page, brand, celebrity, business and different community pages. These all sort of pages are separate from every others. thus it's the most effective plan to make a Facebook page.

 Pages facilitate us to act with readers and convert these readers into clients.Facebook pages are increasing at massive extend, thus to regulate their growth, Facebook takes some serious steps and introduce EdgeRank algorithm for news feed. Once this update, each page reaches their audience just for 100 percent Avg for every and each post. thus it’s challenging to keep up the growth of Facebook pages and also obtaining new likes. thus if you're troubled for obtaining likes here we have a tendency to are progressing to justify some easy and simple steps to extend Facebook page likes. “Keep Calm while Following”.

These ways aren't a magic tricks that helps to create an excellent page within a days. Everything wants a while thus be patience. How To Increase Facebook Page Likes. Tips Before beginning New Page. Whenever you wish to form a replacement Page always attempt to make page on that name that you're feeling that people like most. Even produce a page on popular place, event, product or celebrities fans page These kinds of pages perform well. never Work on Single Page continuously attempt with two,3 totally different name pages that assist you to understand which Page perform well than others. Then continue performing on that one and leave others. always ask your friends allow them to leave their reviews on selecting right name. always create some totally different Language Pages like English or perhaps in your national language as a result of all friend in circle take a lot of interest in page with your own national language.

 #1 Necessary Settings For Pages.
 Whenever You produce a replacement page forever ensure that Page information ought to be correct and per page name and type. Suppose if your pages concerning Education than forever choose correct category and sub category that facilitate Facebook search engine and news feed to understand your page type and increase possibilities of obtaining a lot of likes as a result of it facilitate individuals to seek out pages simply can similar kind and obtain suggestion of your page and a few different information like address, description, email, web site (if any). These page information details are must and facilitate to engaged with audience. Also Read:How to form Facebook Page

 #2 Invite Friends to extend Facebook Page Likes.
 Sending invitations to your friends, members of the family facilitate to expand you page. also ask your friends to ask more. however i know sending invite isn't a simple task and it takes time. Don’t worry If your friends don’t have an excessive amount of time to pay on inviting then i already post a trick concerning inviting all friends with single click. which means you may ready send invites in only few seconds. thus ask your friends if they need any pretend or different accounts with too several friends then simply create them request for five min use simply to ask all friends on your page

 #3 Sharing in groups, Comments And Events.
 We know almost every body who is functioning on his page already do that methodology. however in my opinion simply by sharing page here and there don’t suggests that it helps to get likes. always share in groups, comments in right manner. never share direct page link forever share your page posts or perhaps create direct post in group and add tag your page inside that post however always ensure that page and it updates ought to be share in related sort of teams, events and even in the comments of others as a result of audience always take interest in similar kind pages. thus notice groups, events and pages that are the same as your page type so begin sharing

#4 Exchange Page Sharing to extend Facebook Page Likes.
 The one and renowned technique by which you'll be able to grow you page at tremendous speed. In exchange sharing with pages you've got to share others pages on yours and that they share yours page on their one. this can be solely best ways to extend Facebook page likes effectively. I conjointly do exchange sharing of my celebrity and different fans pages. There are several teams forever for S4S ( share for Share) wherever totally different page admin who have an interest do Exchange page sharing.

 #5 Convert Account In Page.
 The main drawback with several of Facebook users is that they don’t even realize the services and options available in Facebook. as a result of lack information they're unable to understand and use some options in right manner. thus here i another options that relies on conversion of normal account in fans pages. thus if you've got variety fake accounts that are simply waste for you or perhaps any normal account with too several friend and you'll simply convert that into page and every one friends and followers can convert into page likes. If you wish to know whole method concerning converting then CHECK OUT MY ARTICLE.

#6 Merge Duplicate Pages to extend Facebook Page Likes.
 Merging is best technique to mix totally different pages likes into one. Suppose if you've got a pair of or a lot of same name pages and use are using them on an individual basis in that condition merging is the only solution because using page instead or several get a lot of response. thus if you don’t skills to merge pages then follow Check out:- a way to Merge Facebook Pages. Some tough Facts concerning Merging.
 1. As explained in #5 solution concerning converting account. just in case if you've got several accounts with too many friends then convert all that account in same name page and then merge all the converted pages into single.
 2. produce a new page on any famous celebrity or different which may simply get likes. Then before exceeding 200+ likes. modify your page name with existing name and merge them.
3. If you've got huge pages with over 200+ like then follow My name change tricks listed in Facebook Tricks Table. once modification your name with existing then merge them into single. These are some techniques which may use to extend Facebook likes simply by merging pages in right manner. however typically because of excessive usage page merging might get blocked.

 #7 Run Contest and Giveaways On Facebook Page. 
 I have my pages that offers contest for their page fans. I additionally introduce variety of contest on my pages. In pages running contests also facilitate in page growth you many provide prizes, giveaways which attract users. always introduce photograph submission contest and provide prizes for obtaining first-rate position simply bases on the likes and shares of their submitted pictures. Then Your users can attempt to get a lot of likes simply by tagging their friends, sharing and different ways that to win. thus all the efforts done on user aspect also facilitate to your page to get popular inside few days.

#8 Understand Page Performance and Insights.
 Facebook Insight are best and having many wonderful features that help to know your page in right manner. always check your Page Likes type and location. suggests that which countries folks are most engaged with you page and that is a document in you page male or feminine. thus try to create post according to these varieties. always check folks on-line status that facilitate to know which time and day is best for posting that post that have possibilities to get viral. always create comparisons between text and image post of various kind perceive which kind post get a lot of likes, share and reach. These facts conjointly facilitate to extend page talking concerning. thus it necessary to check overall performance of page in insight simply to urge a lot of engagement of audience with page.

#9 Produce Special Offers And Ads.
 Creating Offers on page is additionally a best plan. If your page associated with web site, brand or blog then making offer with boost post facilitate to increase a lot of likes. thus offers conjointly helps you to increase a lot of likes. try offer discounts, different product reference during which people take interest and that they join your page to take advantages of that offer. Page offers usually receives a lot of reach than traditional posts. thus offers are best way to reach a lot of audience. Facebook ads are bit expensive except for business pages it's a right option to produce offer + Ads in mix that increase your sales and also help to extend Facebook page likes.

 Facebook Pages rely upon all about how we tend to use and manage them. I reach this benchmark simply because of using page in well-mannered way, quality content, viral posts, viral page and some different facts. If you follow all the above tips and work continuously on your page undoubtedly your page will be a gaining a lot of likes and tremendous speed at intervals of few months. I feel that when reading this whole article you learn something new and that helps your push your pages with nice startup. These all tips and {ways|ways that|ways in which} are based on my experience which i gain once acting from previous few years in Facebook Page promoting. i do know beginning of something look like tough however i hope this successive guide can assist you to extend Facebook page likes. If you've got any question or doubt be happy to inquire me anytime. Thanks



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