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Sunil Rai

Machine Learning | Data Science | Python Looking for Summer 2024 Co-op Opportunities in Canada Coding is my passion Connect with me on linkedin Contact me for more info

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I'mSunil Rai

Machine Learning | Data Science | Python

Hi, I'm Sunil Rai, a results-driven Software Developer specializing in low-code SAAS applications for digital inspections and checklists at Smartflow. I have a strong academic foundation in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, having pursued advanced studies at Lambton College. During my academic break, I undertook a rewarding internship where I applied and honed my skills in implementing Language Models (LLMs) in real-world projects. I aim to integrate my software development background seamlessly with my newfound Machine Learning expertise. Currently on the lookout for Summer 2024 co-op opportunities in this field, I am eager to contribute my skills to innovative projects that leverage the cutting-edge capabilities of Machine Learning.

Sunil Rai
Scarborough, ON, M1P1A4

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