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Wednesday, June 8, 2016

How To Remove Shortcut Virus From USB drives?

Hello guys today i will be teaching you how to remove the shortcut virus from your PC or USB drive. We use computer in our day to day life for the various purposes like education, entertainment, online shopping and our various tasks.By the help of internet we share data with other peoples. Internet is a huge source of  information which also consists of virus and other malicious activities. So, we need to protect our computer with the help of powerful antivirus like Kasper sky, AVG, NOD 32,etc. One of the most common virus we all have faced is the shortcut virus. We store our valuable data on our computer. We also share the data with our friends, relative and in our office for various tasks using USB drives and SD cards etc. But sometime when we share the data with others using our external storage device, during this our device may be infected by shortcut virus which make our data unreadable or corrupted. Even sometimes we will not be able to format drives. So, in this case we need to implement the best possible way to format drives. In order to get our valuable data back we have to safely remove the shortcut virus from our USB drives. Here are the best possible techniques to remove shortcut virus from our dives and protect the data and device.

How To Remove Shortcut Virus From USB Drives??

Method 1. By using the Command Prompt in PC.

  1. First of all you should plug your infected USB drive into the PC.
  2. Then click on the start menu and open the Run and then type cmd and hit enter.

  3. Now you should copy the command given below and paste it into the Command Prompt and hit enter.
Replace the letter above given I in the command with the drive letter of your USB drive.
Attrib represents the attributes of drive.
-H shows the all hidden files in our USB drive.
-R recreates the files on our storage device.
-S  shows the broken link of files from system.
After getting your data back it is recommended that you should backup your data and after formatting paste your data again back to your USB drive.

Method 2:- By using  the USB Disk Security.

USB Disk Security is the most powerful Utility program which will easily protect your USB drive from the malicious activities and many types of virus like Trojan horse, shortcut virus etc. You can also protect your drive with the password using this tool so other people cannot access it. It is a light weight software with easy to use interface.
  1. Download and install the USB disk security from the developers website
  2. Now you should plugin your infected USB drive. It is a smart USB protector which will automatically detect and delete the shortcut virus from your USB drive.

Method 3:- By Using the USB Fix.

USB Fix is also a light weight utility program which can be used to remove the shortcut virus from your USB drive and then fix the USB drive problems. It also has a simple interface and it is easy to use which is compatible with all version of Windows.
1.First of all download it and install on your Computer.

2. You have to save all your work and close all the running tasks before running it because it will automatically close all the opened software before scanning the Computer.
3. Then plugin the USB drive and click on the clean button.
4. It will clean all the connected USB drive and remove all the shortcut viruses automatically. Take a restart after using this tool.
These are also other best possible ways to remove the shortcut virus from USB Storage devices. In case you know any other best method which is missing please let us know.Please share this tricks with your friends and help them to remove the shortcut virus from their computer.

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