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Wednesday, June 8, 2016

How To Increase Pendrive Speed (Data Transfer)?

Hey Guys today I will be showing you How to increase pendrive data transfer speed. Now a days computers are used in every field to reduce the human workload and increase the work speed. Computers can store very large amount of data and we can easily access the stored data whenever we want. Computers are used in various sectors such as Banking, Business, Education, Marketing, Entertainment, etc. But for the purpose of data transfer  between two devices we use devices like CD’s, DVDs, but now we use devices like pendrive, micro sd as a good and re-useable alternative of those devices. Pendrive is a portable device which offers the storage of large amount of data. Generally pendrive offers 1.5 MB to 12 MB per second speed according to the data. In some situations due to the problems in operating system error or due to the some virus programs our pendrive data transfer speed gets limited.
Sometime we may feel that pendrive performance is getting slower and slower. So, today I will discuss some factors which will help to solve out this issues. We will try to fix out the issue which will help to increase the pendrive data transfer speed.

How To Increase Pendrive Speed ?

Here we are going to discuss about various factors which are responsible for reducing the pendrive speed.
  • Change the file system of your pendrive into NTFS.
  • Change the device policy.
  • Check the OS and hardware performance.
  • Check the file types and
  • Some others factors.

1. Steps to be followed for changing the File System of Pendrive.

  • Plug in your pendrive into the Computer or Laptop.
  • After then right click on your pen drive. A pop up menu will be shown there.
  • Now select the format option from the pop up menu.
  • Now select the NTFS file system and uncheck the quick format option.
  • Finally click on  the start button.

Now your file system of the drive has been changed you will have much greater data transfer speed.
Note:- Before formatting your pendrive be sure to take the backup of your data

2. Steps for changing the Device Policy.

  • Plug in your pendrive and right click on your drive.
  • Now select the properties option from the popup menu.
  • Go to select the hardware tab from the next wizard.
  • Now a list of drives will be shown in hardware tab.
  • Select your drive and then click on the properties button.
  • Next wizard is shown to you select the general tab and click on the change setting button.
  • Then select the policies tab from the next wizard.
  • Finally select the better performance radio button.
  • And it's done.

3. Check out the Performance of PC.

Sometime the data transfer also depends on the performance of operating system .
  • Upgrade your USB port driver version to 2.0 or 3.0 for the higher speed.
  • Simultaneous write operation should be reduced to the same drive.
  • Try to format the USB drive at least one time a month.
Check the drive for bad sector errors
  • Right click on the drive >> Now select the properties >> After the select the tools tab >> Click on check now button.
  • The tools will then automatically scan and recover the bad sector errors.
I hope these few tips will help to increase your pendrive speed . These are some of the optimum ways to fix the software and some other bad errors for better performance. If you like this article don’t forget to share it with others.

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